My One Big Goal - 700 miles

My One Big Goal - 700 miles

Running from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Savannah, Georgia

Miles Run So Far: 63.7

Miles To Go: 636.3

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

perchance to dream...

My running friend Tara (who I've never met real world style, but get to in July when she comes to Philly to run as many miles as she can in 24 hours...her goal is 100 miles! but, I digress)...

My running friend Tara posted on her blog a few days ago the simple question, "What is your dream?"

Back in January, when Glenn and I were doing our premarriage counseling with our minister, she asked us the same question: What are your dreams - for yourself and for your partner? I've got lots of dreams - maybe they are more like goals, because many of them are accomplishable (hah, I made up a Bushism). My dreams for my family, for me and Glenn, involve having a bigger home, welcoming another child into that home, and lots of dreams for our children.

But, I've also got running dreams. Some of them are simple - run a half marathon with my husband (ok, maybe not simple for him, since his longest run is 5 miles...but certainly a possibility). Since I had such a blast running Disney with Anna and Tracey, I want to run more races with the fantastic running moms I've come to love over the years.

However, my true running dream is BOSTON. Someday. Even if it costs me a ridiculous sum of money (like $10k), something that would cause stress on my marriage (the money would stress that). I've watched this race live on TV since I was a little girl, decades before I ever ran my first mile because I had this crazy thought (surely a post-pregnancy hormonal hallucination) that I could run a mile in 12 minutes. BOSTON.

I guess, if I'm dreaming, I could just dream that I make Boston for free, like actually qualifying. But, that sounds more like fantasy to me: I'd have to shave 2 hours off my running time to qualify, and that's something only Rosie Ruiz knows how to do...

So, there it is: My Big Fat Running Dream...maybe that's what I'm running towards with each run I do, each step brings me a tiny bit closer to lacing up my shoes on Marathon Day, standing with tens of thousands of other runners who have ached and dreamed and trained to be among the few in the world who can say, "I ran Boston."

Ooohhh, I have shivers just thinking about it!


  1. I love it Jill. What an awesome dream. I think if you keep at the running thing you can totally qualify over the years, sometimes it just takes a while for our bodies to give into the faster pace :). I can't wait to meet you. Here's to your dream (I am hoisting a cup of coffee at you right now).

  2. I think you'll surprise yourself, Jill. Shaving 2 hours off your time is accomplishable (Shakespeare made up words too). My second marathon was 50 minutes faster than my first, and my third was almost 20 minutes faster than that. That's where I am now. Marathons are easier to shave time than 5Ks. Shaving 2 hrs off you 5K, now that would be impossible. Marathon, doable. And remember, the qualifying time raises as you get older. Eventually, if you keep trying, you're gonna qualify!

  3. Agh, you keep on dreaming and when that dream comes true, I will be right there at the finish line cheering like crazy for you!! Heck, I would be there at the end of your road if you need the cheering!

  4. Hey Jill- Great goal!! I may be able to help you out for 2011. Contact me and we can chat. -meagan